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10 Netflix and Amazon’s Women Centric Series

10 Netflix and Amazon’s Women Centric Series

10 Netflix and Amazon’s Women Centric Series:

1) The crown

This is Netflix original is one of the best drama shows out there.

The story follows the life of Queen Elizabeth of the British royal family as a teenager, she learns to navigate the royal protocols.

The show gives a new look to how the monarch came to be and Is done by very talented actors that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

The story begins with Queen Elizabeth II as she ascends to the throne after her father passes away.

The cast is filled with many Emmy award winners, making it one of the best in list of series.

2) Orange is the new black

One of Netflix’s first original shows, the show mainly focuses on a woman’s correctional facility in the USA.

The lead of the show is Piper, a lady who transports drug money for a living and finally gets caught.

There is a realistic take on how gritty and brutal women’s jail is. The prisons’ toughness causes piper to change as a person to adapt to it and force her to do unthinkable things.

3) Jessica jones

We have all heard of marvel heroes such as Captain America and iron man. Jessica Jones is a lesser-known hero from marvel who is someone not to be underestimated.

With powers similar to that of Captain America, watch this dysfunctional private investigator save people while also overcoming her own issues.

4) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This show may be canceled after its 4th season, but its something not to be overlooked.

The show is based on a series of comics called Sabrina the teenage witch from Archie comics.

The show does take a dark and more teenage look on the comic series just like Riverdale, another Archie comics-based series.

5) New girl

This American sitcom might look just like every other generic show available but there are a few differences.

Watch as the new tenant jess navigates through her day to day problems while residing with 3 other men in a loft to afford rent.

6) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The show is set in 1950s new york. Mrs. Maisel is an upper-class lady who has everything in life.

But the story takes off when she learns she has a gift for stand up comedy.

Follow her travel around the city to spread happiness among many people.

7) Fleabag

This rather unusual comedic show presented to you by prime videos is something not to be dismissed away.

A British take on a lady’s journey in finding love while also battling depression and many other issues

8) Homecoming

This prime video series takes place in a dystopian world where there are ongoing wars and organizations present to prevent further destruction.

The show stars the very talented Julia Roberts in the lead role.

9) Hanna

This show is set in a forest during the harsh winter.

Follow Hanna who is a teenage girl who learns to survive the harsh environment and uncover the truth about her past and the reason for her presence in such a place.

10) The good Place

We all think of the afterlife in a different way.

This show reimagines that concept in a way no one would have imagined about.

Join Eleanor, a corrupt person who accidentally reaches heaven because of a mistake and tries to stay there by hiding her true past a secret.


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