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Tom Hanks’ latest movie “Greyhound” will be on apple TV+

Over the globe, all know that Tom Hanks is an amazing actor, His acting in movies like Sully, Castaway, and others are eye-catching.

And no one can forget his pleasant voice-over in the toy story as woody the cowboy.

Well, there is some interesting news for his fans, his new movie, Greyhound will be premiered solely on apple tv+.

The movie is going to launch directly on apple Tv+ rather than in the theatres.

The earlier release date was announced to be on May 6th but due to the pandemic, things gone changed.

About Greyhound

The movie is set during world war I and mainly focuses on a group of allied ships who is led by Commander Ernest Krause, played by Tom Hanks.

The movie follows on their traveling across the Atlantic while being chased by German U-boats.

There is a lot of focus on the character development of the commander as he overcomes his self-doubts and be an effective leader.

Apple Tv+

Do not confuse with apple tv and with apple tv+, apple tv is a hardware sole by apple which makes your tv a smart tv, whereas apple tv+ is a subscription-based streaming service that’s available for everyone but was given freely to apple products users for a year.

This simply means, if you want to watch this movie on apple tv+, you will need of apple tv+ subscription.

Furthermore talking about the cost of Apple TV+ subscription then the cost per month is around $4.99 and in INR then 375.

Tom Hanks’ response to his Movie:

Initially, in a sit-down interview with the newspaper called guardian, the actor expressed some regret in the fact that the movie will be premiered on a streaming service rather than released into theatres.

He expressed how apple controlled, how he gave an interview, and were to say the things so that the background wouldn’t be distracting to anyone.

Later Tom hanks’ Pragency sent a follow up stating how he and the rest of the team are excited for their premiere on the streaming service.

He said that it is a gift to be able to showcase the movie to such a large audience. (p.s. This sounds rather forced by apple)

The movie can be streamed on apple tv+ from July 10


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