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Sushant singh had left his smilie heart with Us,”Dil bechara” would be on screen from 24 July

First a great salute and love for “Shusant Singh” Soul.

Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjana Sanghi in Dil Bechara (2020)

Sushant Singh was the burning actor in the Bollywood Industry, He does not need the support of Matches to Burn, He was already a fireball.

His acting was superb and something closes to the heart, You say the original touch of feelings.

His movies such as Kedarnath & Chhichore were in the sky, He was having the wings of fire in it.

What I say about these movies; Realistic, heart touching, and make a person feel like him at that particular time.

I still remember his scenes from these movies and I am one of the die heart fans of this guy. But his step!

He had broken a lot of heart by his step, It was a sudden hard jerk on the bond between him and his fans.

Although He had left something for us, A great great movie based on a Book The fault in our stars, “Dil Bechara”.

This novel is written by John green and had already been featured in a movie of the same name in the character of Hazel Grace and Augustus Walter.

What I say about This movie, It is one of my best romantic movies till now.

The scenes of Amsterdam, The scenes of that funeral, I still remember each and everything.

And watching my favorite actor in a movie featuring the same book, It is going to be like a heaven of joy for me.

This movie is going to be glorious amazing, I do not want to give the spoiler to spoil your mood, But really it going to be amazing.

Dil Bechara trailer and Release date

The trailer of this movie had been uploaded on youtube, July 6, and been widely liked and viewed.

It has a total of 9.5 M likes and 6 crores 12 lakhs views till now, So decide how the movie is going to be.

In the trailer, The release date of this movie is 24 July and I hope It releases on this date because lots of movies being shifted due to COVID-19.

Where you can watch it?

Disney+ Hostar, you watch it over here.

So, be ready to watch Sushant Singh smiles and his heart touchy performance on the screen again.

Although this would be his last smile, But I am going to say, you gonna always remember him by his performance in this movie.

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