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We all know that this tiny virus “CORONAVIRUS” had impacted us Badly, Things are been down. Nothing is more like enjoyment and Outdoor parties, movies. We are stuck at our home and things to do is Timepass,

For enjoyment the things only left for us are video games and streaming old movies, Wait  “old Movies”. No, there had been lots of new movies and series been released in 2020 that is super cool.

Insist on holding, the companies had decided to release the new movies as take this year as an opportunity for them.

Although these releases were not there on cinema halls, these releases were on the Streaming platforms.

And Now in, 6 months from 2020 we are having a tremendous amount of collection in movies to watch.

I am listing down some best movies from 2020 that been released so far.


1) Extraction

A story of a killer guy who was on a rescue mission, Chris Hemsworth in India.

Chris as a Tyler was on the rescue mission of a drug Lord son who was being kidnapped by a SriLankan drug master.

He was the one man over the mission but later things get complicated when there was a whole team after him.

There was a situation when he thinks of letting that kid there but Something the love for his son put him to move forward.

More about it:

Release date:24 April 2020

Director: Sam Hargrave

IMDb rating:6.8/10

2) Half of it

The story of a Chinese girl “Eli chu”, was there in a school where she was not having any friends. She was alone and be to be like because no one was there like her.

She used to write an essay of her classmates, $15 for three pages, But Paul musky came for a different task.

Paul was in love with Aster Flores, and he was willing that chu writes her a letter.

Things get complicated when paul relationship gets deeper, He was now needed the help of chu to write even the message.

And over here, Story turns it way, chu start liking him but she was not! she was just a messenger.

The movie is really cute and heart touching, If you are willing I would recommend you to watch.

More about It:

Release date:1 May 2020

Director: Alice Wu

IMDb rating:6.9/10

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