Home movie series Charlize Theron in “The old guard”: Wholesome Review

Charlize Theron in “The old guard”: Wholesome Review

Charlize Theron in “The old guard”: Wholesome Review

A 45-year-old lady “Charlize Theoran” has made her a fascinating career in Hollywood Movies.

She had made her unique identity by working in films, “Imperator furiosa” a rebel warrior with a dark black look in Mad Max: Fury Road,  “Marlo” a soft pregnant lady with his friend Tully in “Tully”, “Charlotte field” a smart lady in “Long-short”, “Marry Embrey” super-strong women in “Hancock” and in much more movies.

She is a strong personality in the Hollywood film Industry with having experience in different fields.

On the list of top actors, she is one that had worked in movies from hearty romance to killer action, Breath breaking comedy to sweaty horror, and in several others.

Furthermore, She is talented in so many fields and had worked in more than 30 movies with 21 awards in the best actress and in other fields.

For each movie, she had trained hard herself for better performance and a natural look. Her passion for movies can be judged by her unmarried life.

She is an unmarried lady with a sharp energetic look on her face, No one can judge her by her look.

The old guard

Her upcoming action/fantasy movie “The Old Guard”, she is in the role of the savior “Andy”, An immortal who doesn’t remember how old she is.

She is with her 4 team members, the Nile, booker, and the gay couple Joe & Nicky.

These immortal guys stay single for hiding their identity from the world and are the old saviors that have the capability to heal themselves.

Although, Having the healing power like Wolverine is not new but the rate is quite fast.

The look of Charlize Theron in short hair and in tight black denim is killer, Her body and her action are more energetic to watch.

As from the trailer, we can see the Action scenes had been taken in different places, From cargo planes to under-construction buildings.

This movie is based on a frictional book of the same name as the story is some part related to DC comics.

Production and release:

The movie is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and been produced by Charlize Theron, Beth Kono, Dana Goldberg, Marc Evans, David Ellison, Don Granger, A.J. Dix.

The movie is releasing on Netflix this 10 July.


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