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A Sneak Peek Into The New Batman Movie  

Since long back in History, Batman being loved by lots of Viewers, There been a lot of movies of him. And It is also a well-known fact that he is not a cheerful and happy Superhero.

Comparing Batman with the ones over at Marvels such as Iron man and Captain America then he is more aggressive.

Furthermore, In the dark knight trilogy era, Watching Batman on the big screen was amazing.

Things were boom In the Film Industry and Viewers were crazy about him, People were waiting for his film.

The reason behind Failure Of Batman Movie

But since from the movie “Batman vs Superman” and in “Justice League”, things messed up and not much box office return as its counterparts.

All of the things can explain the hype behind the new movie which was initially supposed to cast Ben Affleck in the lead before he quit.

He was recast by Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

A lot of changes have been made to the concept of the movie, changing from the Ben Affleck version and more like Christian Bale in the dark knight trilogy.

The casting of Robert Pattinson was initially met with outrage but was later accepted when a photo was released of him in the costume and it looked rather appealing.

The dark and brooding nature of batman was well captured in snippets of the movie that we were teased with.

Upcoming Movie “The Batman”

Well, for those of us that are interested in the upcoming Batman movies, here is something for us to look forward to, excluding the teasers released by the studio.

The film’s cinematographer Greig Fraser has hinted about how dark the plot and setting of the movie will Be!

This excites me a lot being a true fan, which was taken away by the dark and gritty plot of The joker, another DC movie, and the main villain from batman’s rogue gallery.

Many view him as batman’s arch-nemesis.

This new dark outlook of the dc universe is welcomed by many as the light-hearted plot is more of marvel’s shtick than dc’s.

DC comics always tend to be more towards the dark side.

Hopefully, after the success of The Joker, the studio will not interfere much on the production of this movie, like how it was done, the previous movies such as batman v superman and the justice league, which led to a huge outcry and later the releasing of the Snyder cut.

The filming of this movie underwent a lot of drama.

It was supposed to have Ben Affleck as Batman with him as the director and scriptwriter, but later stepped down and was recast by Robert.

All the direction was taken over by Matt Reeves.

The shooting of this movie had started in January of 2020 but as per COVID-19 lockdown, is suspended for a while, and now it is expected to continue the shooting from later July.

The movie is expected to release on October 1st, 2021.

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