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“Tax collector” Blamed for the Whitewashing of the Cast

Shia LaBeouf, an actor who rose to fame for his role in Transformers as a quirky character and later on made news again for his motivational video that we all saw on social media.

The upcoming movie starring Shia LaBeouf slated to be released on August 7th, 2020. This has been hit with serious backlash on the studio’s choice of casting a white person in a movie.

These movies predominantly comprising gangsters mostly from the Latino race.

Shia’s “Tax collector”

In the current political environment involving the black lives matter stance. The general protest against white supremacy and the unjust system against people of color, a scandal like this can be devastating for an upcoming movie.

David Ayer the director of the upcoming movie has been busy defending the movie saying how Shia wasn’t miscast.

How the character is supposed to be a white boy who grew up in the streets and learned from the Latino gangsters around him.

The unsatisfied media was still angry at the fact that a white person was in the lead for a movie filled with people of color. 

The director corrected this misconception by saying that Bobby Soto is the lead and not LaBeouf.

Bobby sotto is an American actor known for his role Narcos: Mexico, S.W.A.T., and other tv shows. 

The misunderstanding that LaBeouf is in the lead role came from the fact that the trailer for the movie showed him the most on-screen, leading people to believe he is in the lead role.

The plot of the movie

Creeper played Shia LaBeouf is a white boy who grew up in Los Angeles which was mostly filled with gangsters and drug dealers. 

David who is played by Bobby Soto and creeper work for a drug lord named Wizard. 

They work as tax collectors ( hence the name of the movie) and that’s how they make a living.

All of this changes when a crime lord from Mexico arrives who happens to be an enemy of the wizard, all hell brakes lose.

When the city goes to chaos, the movie follows David as he tries to save his family from the harm that follows.

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