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Summer outdoor movies in Italy faces Menaces from Ailing film industry

Italy summer was looking to be like a great entertainment option for the public, People used to watch the movies from the balcony of the building.

But this year due to COVID-19 Things had been changed.

The Issue:

This summertime there is a lot of contention going on between the distributers and association.

Every year “Milan” open-air initiative screen 10 film by hook or crook, but this year, it could only screen almost 4 films due to the rights refused by the distributors.

The distributor is claiming that they can’t give films for screening it free.

From the Harry Potter series to “BlacKkKlansman” and to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Several nonprofit cultural and social organizations have struggled to get their summer film festivals.

As for the film, distributors refused to rent them on many requested titles.

The responses:

Luca Sansone a member of the group Laboratorio di Quartiere Giambellino Lorenteggio, says that they use the film’s to build a community.

All were having a good time together and the people who can’t afford to pay the movie tickets were being benefited to watch it for free..

The Cinemas:

Since June 15 of the year, over 540 cinemas are being opened with following the safety rules and guidelines.

There were 200 people being allowed at a particular time to watch the movies.

Although, Cinema owners are still bearing a huge struggle due to the loss by COVID pandemic.

The government is trying to help them with providing subsidies but this could not cover up there loss, Its going huge.

Distributors reply for the issue:

It is said that the distributor rejected the right for more than 150 films.

The Carocci and others blamed the ANICA and ANEC, for not considering and misconstrue the free program.

This discussion was taken by the film industry associations and the culture ministry before a year from now.

When it comes to the answers, the distributor is not responding.   Even the representative of universal and eaten Bros declined to comment and didn’t even come back respectively.

Some other members are supporting their action by saying that the investment in the film should not go in vain.

At last Alessandro Giacobbe stated that “films should not be seen for free, that unless you pay for culture, it will die,”

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