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Charlize Theron Movies in Release Date order

Charlize Theron is in news nowadays for her Upcoming movie “The old guard”. This movie is regarding saving and combating to make the world safe.

She is a lady having an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Being a 45-year-old unmarried lady, In her career, she had worked in more than 25 movies and some blockbuster movie like Fast and furious 8 is in her list.

In her recent upcoming movie “The Old Guard”, In short hair and Tough look, she is looking Killer and the viewers are crazy about her.

For that craziness, I am listing down her movie in order of release date,

The list of her movies are:

1) Children of the corn 3

Release year: 1995

2) The thing you do!

Release year: 1996

3) The devil’s advocate

Release year: 1997

4) The astronaut’s wife

Release year: 1999

5) Reindeer games

Release year: 2000

6) Man of honor

Release year: 2001

7) The Italian job

Release year: 2003

8) Monster

Release year: 2004

9) Hancock

Release year: 2008

10) Astro boy

Release year: 2010

11) Young adult

Release year: 2011

12) Snow boy and huntsman

Release year: 2012

13) Prometheus 3d

Release year:2014

14) A million ways to die in the west

Release year: 2014

15) Mad max fury road 3d

Release year:2015

16) Dark places

Release year: 2016

17) The huntsman Winters war 3d

Release year: 2016

18) Kubo and  the two strings

Release year: 2016

19) Fast and furious 8

Release year: 2017

20) Atomic Blonde

Release year: 2017

21) Gringo

Release year: 2018

22) Tully

Release year: 2018

23) A private war

Release year: 2018

24) Long short

Release year:2019

25)The Addams family

Release year: 2019

26) Bombshell

Release year:2019

Charlize Upcoming Movies:

27) The old guard

Release date:10 July 2020

28) Fast and furious 9

Release Date: 2 April 2021

There are lots more movies of Charlize Theron where she had been seen on the screen but in this list, I had added those movies which were popular.

And the good news for Charlize Theron fans is, She is going to be in fast and Furious 9.

One of the best movies ever known in car racing and Robbery.

So the wait is to watch her performance in it.


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