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Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Profile Feature

There been seen a lot of features provided by amazon to its prime members, Like- One-day delivery, Free access to Amazon prime videos, and lots more. But nowadays one of the most interesting features that were limited in some of the countries including India is now Globally available.

This feature allows you to make different accounts, Nearby six at the time.  In simple words, you can create 6 different accounts at a time and can set things accordingly.

You can also create a special account for kids, friends, and family members. You can lock the things which look irrelevant to you.

Especially for kids, You can switch on to protected mode where adult contents would be inaccessible.

You can also lock the particular content that you think is not appropriate for the separate account.  Simply it would be needed to add a parental lock and that’s it, Everything would be in your control.

You can operate your Living room TV contents by your main device, and make the things accessible or not accessible by just a parental lock.

The accessibility of checking history and time spent is also available with this feature. You can check the limit of time spent by your kid and on which content, afterward you can take further actions.

This feature was earlier available to India, Africa, and a few other countries but Now the United States, Uk, and all other countries can take its benefits.

For the availability, it can be accessible in the Prime Video app, Fire tablet, and the apps of fire TV.

Although we had noticed this feature on Netflix where 5 people can use the Netflix content at a time.

How to take its benefits?

This feature is helpful for college buddies, 6 guys can take benefits at the cost of a single one.

Going for a little bit math then, One-year subscription cost of amazon prime in the US is nearby $119

So, if it divided into six guys then it would be near Only $20 for each.

So in $20 you and your friends can enjoy the benefits of amazon prime subscription.

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