Will There be Censorship for Netflix, Amazon And Other OTT Platforms?

The most well-known platform Netflix renowned across the globe presently fears India’s controversy regarding hurting religious sentiments, instigating violence, against regional, national conflicts, child pornography as per the censorships of Courts of India. As an intention, it has started omitting certain objectionable scenes that violate this rule of the nation.

Is Netflix on the right track? What do you understand about the decision of Netflix?

This step is not just taken by Netflix but other OTT platforms as well. While streaming the movie videos in OTT platforms like Netflix and Hotstar it is seen that the copyrights rule of the movies is respected.

However, in 2018, Netflix has also omitted certain climax scenes of India’s controversial region known as Kashmir, in one of the premier Hollywood movies are known as the Mission Impossible Rollout. This version is given by a media news agency known as the Medianama.

Many argue that this act on the part of the Court of India’s censorship decision to restrict freedom of speech and democracy is objectionable. It is also believed by the audience that the part of OTT platforms to obey this law not only in National movies but also in Global premiers is biased. Many believe that it is aimed to restrict creativity in the field of cinema. However, the truth behind the Court’s decision and the OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc’s intention is not to spread wrong messages that represent partial truths about the global community.

Netflix, in the olden days, had sole censorship on Indian movies like Angry Indian Goddesses and Udta Punjab.

Amazon Prime Video has monitored and excised power over the censorship rules on Indian movies. This might upset the global community but it is for the welfare of the society as it can be regarded as a means to avoid racial and religious inflammatory speeches leading to unrest in India as well as globally.

Fostering Film Creation Community

However often scenes, when omitted by the OTT platforms, lead to distortion in the meaning of the film story. An initiative on the part of the filmmakers should be taken that they don’t create objectionable content or dialogue both in Indian and Hollywood movies that disregard the harmony in the society. This would encourage filmmakers to come out both in Indian and Hollywood movies with exceptional stories that give greater rhetoric of the global community.

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