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The Best Movie I Would Suggest You Watch This Weekend

Movies are something that takes us in another world, far from our daily life, stress, and frustrations. The movie makes us live the life of character for a while where things are from his perspective, Journey is of his life.

It makes us forget ourselves and gives us new feelings to enjoy. There are lots of movies out there to make you entertain but In this article, I am going to take you to a movie which is far different and better in my sense that you must watch this weekend.

It will give you the idea to handle your situation, Manage your issues, and respect your things.


Fault in our stars

This movie is something that makes you live the life of character and make you feel their emotions in your heart.

The life of those guys who were near to death and was nothing to take away with them, Every day was one step towards death.


Hazel Grace, the girl with cancer meets Augustus waters in a class that was forced by her mom to go.

She was having only one dream to meet her favorite author for asking the question of ending of the book.

She had read that book a lot of times was attached with that, On the Augustus email, the author replied to him and give him an offer to visit Amsterdam.

Hazel was like living her dream with the help of Augustus who was also suffering from cancer, By the way.

They had a great journey in Amsterdam and in that journey, they fall in love.

Things went wrong when Augustus told Hazel grace at the end of the trip that he is dying and there are no more days left.

The scenes were so touchy!

What I say about the song of this movie,

Each time you hear it, it will melt you in its melody.

Ed Sheeran the man who sung this song, “All the stars”, is a featuring song of this movie.

My opinion:

This movie is so heart touching and gives the real value of life. The way Augustus said to Hazel that he wants to live was fascinating.

It shows the value of things that we are ignoring, the value of life we spend being frustrated.

One of the truly a heart touching movie and I want to suggest you, have a look this weekend.

Go through it and enjoy your weekend with some best learning of life.

More about It:

Director: Josh Bone

Cast: Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley, Nat Wolff, Lotte Verbeek

IMDb ratings: 7.7/10

Released date: 4th July 2014

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