Movie Plan for this weekend: Watch these 2 movies

Nowadays the definition of the movie plan had been changed and the guy who had changed it is “Mr coronavirus”.

Now Movie plans at the weekends mean shifting your working screen to entertainment screen, Same place! Same getup! and the same boring excitement.

Just a homemade Bowl of popcorn and a sofa. That’s it! Ya, all are stuck at their home and weekends are not more the same. So, For making this weekend a little bit more interesting I am gonna share with you some recently launched movies that you can enjoy with your whole family.

I hope this would bring you some excitement,

The 2 movies that you can watch it in this weekends are:

1) Hamilton

The first thing I wanna say you about this movie is, This is not a movie!

Ya absolutely,

It is a 2 hr 50 min recorded version of Broadway Musical show of June 2016 from The Richard Rodgers Theatre, New York.

This movie had been made by editing the shots that had been taken very Gently from the play.

Lien-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton makes you lost in the story of Hamilton, The combination of Jazz, Hip-hop, and RR music, brings the freshness in the show and that’s the reason the show is this much popular.

News platform as NEW YORK times, The Hindu and various others had written its review.


If you are a lover of plays or willing to see the plays but never get a chance to watch them then, Hamilton is a golden opportunity to watch it on screen.

Where you can watch it!


Director: Thomas Kail

Cast: Lien-Manuel Miranda, Jonathan Groff, Daveed Gigs, Leslie doom Jr

2) Da 5 Bloods

A movie by spike lee featuring Chadwick Boseman, The Black pather Guy, and 3 other actors.

This movie is based on the reuniting of 4 black soldiers and their return to Vietnam in search of belongings of their squad leader and the stash of buried gold.

This movie has real-time Footage of war, Violence, Protest, and Speeches.

As it had putten that this is a fictional story based movie but the things are clear which the movie wanna say, Topic: Racism.

Although, This movie is doing quite well on screen and you can enjoy it with your family this weekend.

Director: Spike Lee

Cast: Delroy Lindo, Chadwick Boseman, Jonathan, Majors

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

Where you can watch it!


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