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In Season 1 of Hanna, we see Esme Creed-Miles as the titular character.

‘Hanna’ is the story of a young girl who was designed to be born as a genetically altered soldier, as part of the Utrax program by the CIA.

Her father stole her and in order to keep her safe from the Utrax, hid her in the forests of Romania. For 15 years, she was taught tactics to survive and was also trained in combat.

Her father wanted her to have a normal life but that creates a lot of tensions between them and the CIA.

 A look at Season 2

In season 2, we see Esme bringing her own style to Hanna. The story has evolved from an action survival to an identity search.

Even though she is a trained assassin, in heart she is a vulnerable little teenager.

Season 2 opens with Hanna still trying to escape from Utrax, along with Clara. It is quickly made clear that they want Clara back. Not just that, the boss is quite sure that Hanna is still alive.

Why Did Clara Escape?

It is quite evident why Clara had escaped. She wanted to find her mother.

As the story progresses, we see quite a few adventures centered around the girls. Not just them, there are a lot of teen assassins who take part in the action.

We see the character of Marissa Wiegler has made a reappearance as a formidable CIA agent.


Although the story is executed quite well, it still does have a lot of cliches.

We are not going to give out any spoilers, but there is an operation that Hanna is thrown into that makes her have a steamy makeover.

The antagonist played by John Carmichael is in no way less glamorous than any Bond villain.


The nature of the genre demands the finale to be set in some exotic location. And of course, we are not left unsatisfied.

It is set in the beautiful city of Barcelona and we sure haven’t missed out on Messi being inserted smoothly to the screenplay, in between all that is happening in the last episode.

‘Hanna 2’ is a thriller that has eight episodes. The story sure tests our patience towards the middle of the storyline but becomes quite alive as we near the end.

There might not be a lot of twists and turns, but the show is engaging with the way the story picks up pace.

‘Hanna 2’ makes for an interesting watch, even though we could probably guess what was going to happen before it actually did.

Is this going to the final season?

Surely, this is NOT going to be the final season.

Season 2 ends with a clear hint at another season and we can’t wait to watch our assassin back in action.

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