A Quick look on Hamilton which is streaming on Disney+

Hamilton is a Filmed version of Broad Musical that will take you right to the front seat of the stage and in those plays where people pay 100 of Bucks for a single seat.

It’s not a movie, by the way, its a recorded version of the June 2016 Broadway musical show which right now streaming on Disney+ from 3rd July 2020.

The film is a Surprising and unique form of bringing the Broadway Musical show to the Viewers of Disney+.

The show tells the tales of Alexander Hamilton with a classy touch Of Hip-hop that makes it groundbreaking.

The closer view of cameras shows the real actions of the performers and brings you the closest and real fraction to the play.

You can feel the freshness of the performers and the energy in your screen, The way it is filmed and the way it has taken for the viewers is surprising.

The touchy performance of Lin- Manuel Miranda as an Alexander hamilton will make you dip through the hamilton’s life and the Energetic performance of Leslie Odom Jr as Aron Bur will make you feel like Goosebumps.

The music is as clear and as original, as it is playing just behind your ears, It will make you bounce around into the story.

The ups and downs will make you excited and low at the same time.

More about it:

In the movie, Things are kept to be original but few parts had been removed in editing to make things more attractive.

The clips which had been taken in the production of the movie, Its a shot of three days from Richard Rodgers Theater New York, June 2016.

Everything had perfectly taken and the clarity is on the screen. Just in 3 hours of run from now, it had been watched thousands of viewers.

People are excited about it and the reviews had been made by the newspaper as Newyork Times and other telecasting companies.

Director: Thomas Kail

Music Director: Lin Manuel Miranda

IMDb ratings: 8.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

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