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Reason Behind Orlando Bloom Never Became The Movie Star

Orlando Bloom is an English actor who had made his breakthrough in The Lord of the Rings series; playing the character of Legolas.

He also played the role of Will Turner in the film series Pirates of the Caribbean. Thus, proved that he can do wonders by being part of adventure movies, historical movies, and epic fantasy movies.

What happened to Orlando Bloom?

Sadly, Orlando Bloom has become a victim of the trend in Hollywood. Over here the characters that are played by the actor get more love, more value, and more recognition than the actor who has played them. 

He was one of the early victims of the trend in Hollywood where the characters played by the actors were far more accepted and adored by the audiences than of the actual actor. 

Orlando’s Movies and The Fact

Orlando’s characters in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean were quite widely accepted and favored by anyone who saw the movie. This trend of the audiences having an interest only in the characters, but not in the actors when they are outside the franchise, did him dirty.

In “The Lord of the Rings”, His acting gives him an image and from there, many people start knowing him. While that movie released, another of his movie was also simultaneously released; Black Hawk Down, which was a war movie in which he did a supporting role.

His characters were very well accepted and loved that in the second Lord of the Rings movie, extra sequences were included for his character. When other opportunities came up, all of it seemed to be a great choice for him.

He played many characters and they were all accepted. Even though he had a few blockbuster movies, his days as a movie star soon got over. The Three Musketeers was the last of his wide theatrical releases in which he played the villain. 

Even though he did not turn out to be as popular as we thought he would be, he still does movies and is engaged to singer Katy Perry. Looking at a broader picture, it looks like he has all money issues and love issues sorted out.

Orlando Bloom may be one of the very few stars out there who is successful in the name of the character that made him famous but is kind of commercially worthless in anything else.

Even though he had a few successful characters with him, he was in an industry where people wanted to see an actor as very few specific characters.

Truth be said, it was not Orlando Bloom who became famous; it was his characters from The Lord of the Rings and The Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Orlando’s upcoming Movie

As of now, We are going to see the important role that we have seen Orlando Bloom doing in such a long time in a new upcoming movie. 

The Outpost, which is a war action movie will be coming out soon. The movie, which is based on the book “The Outpost: The Untold Story of American Valor”.

A non-fiction book authored by Jake Tapper, tells the story of 53 soldiers who are battling around 400 insurgents in the north-eastern parts of Afghanistan in October of 2009.

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