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Huge Spoiler Dropped For Season 10 Finale Of ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead is the story of a post-zombie apocalyptic world in the months and years following the apocalypse.

The series follows the story of a few survivors who is lead by Rick Grimes, who is a former police officer.

They are all traveling in search of a safe space and a secure home, where they can stay safe from the threats. 

The series is based on a series of comic books by Robert Kirkman. It explores the challenges of living in a world that is full of zombies and how it affects the survivors.

Sometimes, it is the conflicts between each other that is more complicated than dealing with the zombies roaming that is roaming the country.

As the story progresses, we see a growth in the characters, the exposure to death forces them to grow. 

Spoiler Of season 10 Finale

One of the stars of the show recently dropped a big season 10 finale spoiler that revealed who the killer of Beta was.

The show was put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic and the fans are eagerly waiting for season 10.

Now the fans are baffled as a new spoiler is dropped, which may be one of the biggest spoilers yet. 

The close of the show was pushed to a different date as the showrunners are waiting for the coronavirus situation to settle down.

The series was almost on the verge of completion when the pandemic forced the production activities to shut down.

Now, as the finishing touches are being added, fans hope to see their favorite characters; Beta, Maggie, and the others, back on screen in 2020 itself.

AMC has announced that the finale will be aired at a later date. 

Ever since the epic and action-filled ending of the 15th episode, Beta’s fate has been discussed far and wide. 

Ever since his leader Alpha was killed earlier this season by Negan, Beta had taken over and was like a man who was on a mission.

Having the decapitated head of Alpha with him, Beta abandoned his Whispers and went on a mission for avenging Alpha’s death and was plotting an attack. 

He used the flesh of Alpha to make himself a mask. The mask looked very menacing and that lured many Walkers to join him. 

When we last saw Beta, he was heading towards Daryl and the others, with his army of dead; that made for an exciting finale for the season 10. 

Is this a possible spoiler!!!???

Fan theories were going wild across the internet when Callen McAullife dropped a hint about the fate of Beta. 

The actor was replying to a fan who had made their own poster art for the finale of the season. In the picture, Beat was having a knife heading to his neck and Alden was running aside.

Replying to the picture, Callen commented,  “Woah this is a pretty tasty picture”.

Fans were left wondering what his tweet might mean; whether that could hint at the possible fate of Beta. We cannot wait for the finale and answers to our questions. 

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