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Bring you the Spoiler of GREENLEAF Season 5

Warning: This contains quite a few spoilers for Greenleaf and so if you haven’t watched it yet and are waiting for the suspense to roll out in front of your eyes, we advise not to read further in the article.

The story of Greenleaf revolves around the life of a family from Memphis, who is in charge of a megachurch right in the city. The church is surrounded by many secrets and many lies. 

The premiere of the final season of Greenleaf ended with the suicide attempt of AJ.

Now we know that there is a chance that the angel of death might make an appearance in the next episode of Greendale. 

As “Second Day” began, Grace was told about AJ. She was told that although he was stable, he was going to be held for 72 hours.

Once he was out of sedation, he would decide for himself whether he wanted to see Grace or whether he wanted to see Noah; his father. 

After her return to the Greenleaf Estate, Grace gave Lady Mae and the Bishop the key to Mavis’ club.

The Bishop asked Lady Mae to for setting a date for their wedding and hence, she chose Flag Day to get married on. 

All this while, Jacob kept searching for the storage unit of Max and he couldn’t find anything except just a fishing rod and a tackle box. 

Grace soon headed back to the hospital so that she could meet Noah.

They soon reunited and greeted each other with a long and awkward hug. 

Spoiler of GREENLEAF Season 5

Awkwardness and weirdness were thick in the air. Noah wanted to stay and see how things were going to turn out.

His words were, “see how this situation unfolds” and it suggested that he wanted to see how things were going to happen with his son and as well as with Grace. Meanwhile, we saw that AJ did not want to go with both of them.

Noah and Grace both left the hospital and Noah asked her whether they could all talk that night; Grace, Noah, and AJ; like a family.

Grace was happy with the fact that Noah wanted to be involved in the life of his son, but Grace felt that family is not something that one can simply pick up on the way home like Noah made it sound. 

Noah seemed to have made matters worse by commenting unnecessarily on the modus operandi of Grace and if Grace was not feeling distant before, she was feeling distant now.

Even though Noah seemed to be interested in Grace now, we cant wait to see where everything is going to end up at. 

More about It

First episode date: 21 June 2016

Cast: Merle Dandridge, Lynn Whitfield, Deborah Joy Winans, Oprah Winfrey

Network: Oprah Winfrey

Network Program creator: Craig Wright

Season: 5

Episodes: 53

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