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“90 Day Fiance”: A series based on K 1 Visa- Review

“90 Day Fiance”, An American TV series On TLC that revolves around the K 1 Visa. Either who applied for it or Received it.

K1 visa Gives the couples 90 days’ time to make an arrangement and marry each other, If they are not able to marry in 90 days then have to back to their native country.

90 Day Fiance is a reality series than been loved by the Viewers, The main source of interest is Judging the couples that they are going to marry or not. Judging the truth in their love.

Its a fascinating and unique story-based reality show that shows the limit of love that is beyond the boundaries.

“90 Day Fiance” Viewers Reviews:

Viewers love the stories of the series and show their interest in judging the love by,


Although there are also a lot of bad reviews on the internet for 90 days Fiance as they say that this series is leading into the cause of bad impact on the relationship.

Although the first episode of it was released on 24 January 2004 and from then there are total 7 seasons

Season 1:

Featuring the story of, Russ and  Paola | Alan and Kirlyam | Louis Aya | Mike and Aziza. Russ Mayfield a 27 old engineer from Owasso, Oklahoma meets Paola “Pao”, a 26-year lady from Bucaramanga, Columbia. She is a fashion designer and they meet in Columbia when Russ was at work in the petroleum industry.

Same as this couple there are a total of 3 more stories of couples from regions.

Season 2:

Featuring the story of, Chelsea & Yamir | Danielle & Mohamed | Justin & Evelin | Brett & Daya | Jason & Cássia | Danny & Amy

Season 3

Featuring the story of, Mark & Nikki | Loren & Alexei | Kyle & Noon | Melanie & Devar | Fernando & Carolina | Josh & Aleksandra

Season 4

Featuring the story of, Jorge & Anfisa | Nicole & Azan | Narkyia & Olulowo | Matt & Alla | Chantel & Pedro

Season 5

Featuring the story of, Elizabeth & Andrei | Evelyn & David | Molly & Luis | David & Annie | Josh & Aika | Nicole Azan

Season 6

Featuring the story of, Ashley & Jay | Colt & Larissa |  Jonathan & Frananda | Kalani & Asulelu | Eric & Leida | Steven & Olga

Season 7

Featuring the story of, Emily & Sasha | Anna Muriel | Tania & Syngin | Robert & Anny | Blake & Jasmin | Mike & Natalie

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

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