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Amazon Prime Video is now bringing out a new feature to the members of Amazon Prime in The United States. With the help of a watch party, You can watch series or movies with your friend at the same and can enjoy the feeling of togetherness.

This feature is a part of amazon membership and does not come at any extra costs. The things can be controlled by the host and can take any action on the playback.

Amazon Prime Video is a video-on-demand service that is owned and operated by Amazon. It has a wide variety of TV shows and movies that are available for streaming.  It also has several original TV shows and movies as well. 

About ‘Watch Party’

The member who hosts the co-viewing session will be able to start, stop, and pause the viewing session. The changes that the host makes will also be reflected in the devices of the participants instantly. 

Each co-viewing session will be able to support around 100 participants. As long as they have Amazon Prime Membership and they are watching from The United States, they will be able to join the session.

Other features

There is a built-in feature that allows the participants to chat with each other. Built-in emojis are also supported along with the text. 

During the launch, the feature is offered via the Prime Video on desktop. The watch party comes with thousands of titles in the video-on-demand catalog.

But the watch party not helps in titles which either need to purchase or can be taken on rent.

How does it function?

Members who want to host the session can click on the Watch Party icon on the page of the movie or the TV show, on the desktop website of Prime Video.  Then, they will get a link that they can share with anyone that they want; provided they are all in The United States and they all have Amazon Prime membership.  People who join the session through the link will also be able to chat with each other. 

During the pandemic, many video streaming services started offering the feature of co-viewing and it became very popular. Amazon Prime is the latest service to bring out the feature. 

Before Amazon actually offered this feature, it was available across its game streaming site that introduced the feature for almost 70 video titles. 

The new experience is now offering a broader selection and will possibly expand further in the future. 

Amazon Prime users who cannot find the feature now will soon find it, as it is just beginning to be available broadly. 

Amazon has not yet commented on the future plans for Watch Party. When asked about it, the only thing they said was that they would introduce new features when they are ready for customers. 

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