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PACTO DE FUGA “Jailbreak Pact”, David Albala movie on Amazon prime

Amazon prime had clinched the movie directed by David Albala “Pacto De Funga”. This movie is produced by Calibre 71, Storyboard Media & Enlazo Capitals Films, and based on a real-life event of 29 Jan 1990.

David Albala “Pacto De Funga” filmed on the escape of 49 prisoners which were from the armed resistance group “Frente Patriótico Manuel Rodríguez.” It made history by escaping from a penitentiary on Santiago de Chile.

Those prisoners used instruments as Spoon, skew drivers, sharp metals, and other materials to dig a tunnel in 18 months.

This movie is cast by some top actors like, Benjamín Vicuña, Benjamín Vicuña,Roberto Farías,  Francisca Gavilán and others.

Amazon Availability

Being a Spanish movie Amazon had available it for the US and Latin America. So, the release date is not yet provided but the scope of the release is in upcoming months.

On the Internet, there are a lot of movies of Jail escape like an “Escape plan” by Sylvester Stallone. Moreover, Movie like The Shawshank Redemption by Morganfree man where a team made a plan to escape the jail. However, This movie is something unique as it is based on a real event.


As of the ratings then it had been rated by different platform and have

6.8/10 from Fimaffinity

7.7/10 from IMDb

3.6/5 from Letterboxd.


As the story is based on the 90’s event, the movie made to look old and been drama all over the scenes.

As of trailer released on January 2 2020 on Vimeo. Moreover, In the trailer, the movie looks to be suspense based and dramatically with two or three fights scenes with jailers.

There are lots of best movies available on Amazon which are based on Jail escaping and this would be an add up in that list. Hence, there is less chance that this Spanish movie would be available in more than 2 languages.


Although In my opinion, this movie is especially for jail escape movie lovers and would be best for a specific age group person.

I would recommend you watch but especially if you are a jail escape lover then, until may it would make you bore.

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