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Amazon Goes Green: Major New Acquisition, $2B Climate Fund

Amazon Being a giant in the e-commerce industry provides millions of services, and generate billions of revenues from its customer but in that sometimes it leads to creating pollution.

Services like fast delivery take efforts and that becomes the reason for the environmental disturbance. As demands do not match with technology enhancement.

But now focusing on Delivering product, amazon had taken a great step towards tech company ZOOX.

Amazon had joined the hand with Zoox with a total deal of $1.2 billion.

Amazon Partnered Zoox

Zoox is a delivery company that had invested a lot of resources in Self-driving passenger vehicles from the base and in recent years shown data of cost-effectiveness. It had reduced the costs in its fields.

Zoox will enable Amazon to reduce the amount of money the company spends on delivering products and make the services faster and safer.

Recently Zoox had Taken CEO from Intel “AICHA EVAN”, and that shows about the eyes toward commercialization.

As of amazon, it contributes a lot to the pollution in the form of using a large amount of cardboard, plastic, and paper and sometime polythenes that are in-biodegradable.

Also, the machinery used by amazon contributes to carbon dioxide emissions negatively affecting the environment.

So, there was the requirement to make things safe as its product is so, Joining the hand with Zook was the first step.

Carbon emissions have slowly led to global warming. Scientists have said that global warming is responsible for changes in the climate around the world.

At a time like this, Amazon has invested 2 billion dollars on climate technology companies. Climate technology companies ensure that more sustainable forms of technology are discovered and used.

Ecommerce Giant is on the plan to make it’s all services Clean and green in the next 5 upcoming years. So from 2025, you can get your parcel with the tag of green amazon.

Ecommerce Giant is also planning to introduce LiveTV as one of its services. Disney+hotstar currently is the best company giving the service of LiveTV. Thus, Disney+Hotstar would be Amazon’s biggest competitor.

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