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3 Best movies directed by S. S Rajamouli and ready to watch on amazon prime, Disney+ Hotstar and Voot.

A 46 years old Karnataka man “S. S Rajamouli” had given some amazing film to the Bollywood industry. He had made a list of Blockbuster movies by directing movies like Bahubali, RRR, and much more.

S .S Rajamouli had also received Akkineni Nageswara Rao National Film Award from Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu.

Counting the total list of the award then he has:

  • 3 National award
  • ¬†4 Film fare award
  • 5 Nandi awards
  • 1 IFFA award
  • 2 SIMA award
  • 2 CINEmaa award

and all in the sector of being Being best Director.

From those list of Blockbuster movies, I am going to list down the 3 best movies he had Directed and available on platforms like Amazon prime video, Disney+ Hostar, and on VOOT.

These all movies are ready to watch and you can stream on your screen any time you want.

The list of 3 Best movies directed by S. S Rajamouli and ready to watch on amazon prime, Disney+ Hotstar and Voot are:

1) Bahubali: The Beginning

Who not knows this Adventures movie that had made a History of the Highest earning film in Bollywood Industry.

Bhabhubali who was played by Prabhabhas was one of the Best movies that Bollywood had given to its audience and was possible due to S S Rajamouli.

The CGI effects and the Scene of the waterfall, Mahalingam make the audience Bounce around.

This movie was released in Diffrentcountries in Different languages which were loved by the audience.

For again making your mood to bounce in the scenes of Bahubhali, you can stream it at different platforms listed above.

2) Bahuubali 2: The conclusion

The Best movie which was viewed for a Question, Yes the Question of Why Kattappa killed Bhahubali?

Just a single question makes the whole Bollywood audience to watch this movie. And had created a record of 1810 core earning at Box office.

The total Budget was 250 crore and had earned more than 8 times of it. And again the whole credit goes to the team and S. S Rajamouli.

If you are in mood the complete the last sequence of this movie or I say will make you the Bhahubali 1 to watch this sequel, then it is ready to watch on the above listed platform.


I don’t know you have seen this S.S Rajamouli movie or not, But I will suggest you watch this.

This movie is something extra, the extra power in the hand of Housefly. Watching this movie will let you think of the rebirth and revenge of insects you had killed.

Over here the Villan killed the lover of Bidu in Jealous and after that, He takes Birth in species of fly to take revenge for his death.

I will suggest you, watch this as its CGI is amazing with an amazing love story.

So, these were some top movies that  I would suggest to you If you are in search of movies from S.S Rajamouli.

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