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Players watching Movie inside “Fortnite” screen

A game like “Fortnite” had changed the meaning of Gaming with developing such an effective virtual interface which makes the players feel like everything is real.

The gaming with ultra-high-quality graphics and responsive interface had trapped lots of attention. Now players want to spend there free time with staying in the Game and exploring the new technique. Thus game owners had made an innovative idea to make users connected.

There was a movie show inside the game; Yes the movie show, were players relaxed in the game and enjoyed the movie.

Fortnite features the movie of Christopher Nolan on Friday night were movie like InceptionBatman Begins or The Prestige was on the screen.

Now, the question is why players watch movies insist on Playing games?

The owner said that He brings this idea because he wanted that players can join at a place and can enjoy the movies together.

But there are platforms like Netflix and amazon prime which provide the same services so why anyone watches the movie at a gaming platform.

The reason said by him was, on other platforms, the users are either friends, family members, or strangers. Over there they can be just watching a movie and chatting but In Fortnite, players feel another world where they can be in their gaming avatar.

They can feel the power they have in their hand and take advantage of the extra effects that make them feel like they are in their game world.

He said that the movie which inspired him, he had seen it sitting with his friends and enjoyed having chats.

He says, He never feels the same excitement with watching it on a personal laptop and in Tv screen.

About players.

Players said that they had enjoyed a lot and it was a new experience for them where they were in there avatar.

Some players also complain that they were not able to stream the movie on the screen and there was just a black screen over there.

The complaint was also there regarding timing. players were confused about the timing and were not able to get the actual time to stream at there location.

So these were regarding Fornite Virtual world, and the way gaming is going towards.

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