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New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie headed by women: Margot Robbie to play the lead

A woman is going to play the lead role in Pirates of the Caribbean. “Margot Robbie”, popularly known as Harley Quinn would be the actress. The new movie can be seen in August 2021 on-screen

Are you known of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Oho such a silly question- Actually world knows that as it was in the list of the top viewed movie in the world.

But now there is going to be a twist there, You are going to miss Jack Sparrow!

Hold your chairs or sofa, whatever you are sitting on, and have a look with me.

The original Pirates of the Caribbean movies made by Disney launched 5 part of it and All the movies were wildly popular among all the countries and are translated in many different languages.

The cast of the original Pirates of the Caribbean was headed by Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow along with Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom in side lead roles.

The action sequences of the movies as well as the plot of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were carefully made. The audience loved the adventures of Jack Sparrow and his friends in their quest to find different kinds of treasure in the sea.

And here the fact, the entire franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the highest-earning movies (about $4.5 billion worldwide).

However, in the 5th film, the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise lost its popularity. The last movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales did not do well in the Box Office.

About the Upcoming movie:

In a new project headed by Christina Hodson as the writer along with Margot Robbie as the lead actor, the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise is set to make a comeback on the big screens.

This time, however, for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, the pirates are to make a come-back with a twist.

The new movie will have a brand-new plot and will have characters that will mostly be headed by women with Robbie as the star.

Margot Robbie is considered to be one of the most popular and talented actresses in Hollywood right now.

Her recent films such as Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, had did very well in the box office and also received Oscar nominations.

We, as the audience, will now be able to watch all the action-filled adventures of a group of pirates who will mostly consist of women.

Female oriented films such as the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be inspirational for young girls.

Action movies with female actors will go a long way in ensuring that, women actors get to play different and unique roles in Hollywood.

Hollywood Reporter (a famous news reporting agency of Hollywood) recently wrote in an article that the producer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be Jerry Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer has previously been the producer for the original Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The new movie is set to release around August 2021. However, the release dates could be affected due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Don’t miss this movie, whenever it gets released!

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