Rasbhari Review: Taking you to the Story of Sannu

Swara Bhaskar is known for her realistic drama and that was the reason why she was on News. In the movie Rashbhari, she is in the lead role-playing the character Sannu.

The role of sannu is similar to the role she had previously played in movies and in series, a hot drama girl.

“Rasbhari “the character she plays is of a lady teacher, A teacher in red silky saree, and being Indian you can imagine the rest.

Rasbhari Story

Sannu is a hot English teacher who came for teaching in a small town where her student Nand fall in love with her.

Nand was crazy for his teacher and was dreaming about her, the whole day and whole night.

Now he was a regular student of the school, who now never misses a single day of school and about the period of Sannu’s mam, he was always there. His trusty eyes were always in search of mam and rest was nothing for him.

However, as the series progresses, Nand understands that Sannu is not as good as he thought she was. He slowly starts to understand that Sannu has had many affairs and was in relation to a lot of men.

It was enough for his first love, and now he broke from his core of heart. The feeling which was there for her was looking to be hazy now.

and As per episode proceeds, it was looking like he was carrying something secret with him. there was something Abnormal running in his brain and the things were due to that truth that he known of her.

Nand is one of the few people living in a small town, who understands that his English teacher is hiding something. Nand was in search by putting his best to uncover the truth behind Sannu’s secrets.

My Opinion

Although, The series is light-hearted and has many scenes which are very funny and entertaining.

However, As per the audience, the story itself is very boring and ordinary. Being an audience you will able to understand and predict the ending of the series after watching one or two episodes of the series.

Sannu’s character is overly sensualized and the creators of the series have tried too hard to make the series funny.

The characters in series are in try to make you laugh, but the harsh truth nothing it feels like. Boring.

In fact, Swara Bhaskar as the lead actor fails to deliver a good enough performance in the character of Sannu.


You can skip watching this series as it will not live up to your expectations. Instead, you can spend your time watching something else that has newly arrived on Amazon Prime.

Also, in case you decide to watch this series anyway, be sure to not watch it with your family!

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