Are you excited to know the brief of : “MY SPY”

‘My Spy’ is rated PG-13 for violence and language. The theatre release of ‘My Spy’ suffered greatly because of the pandemic and now it is all set to release on Amazon Prime.

My Spy Plot:

JJ is a former special-ops Army Ranger superstar who is currently a CIA spook. Although he is terrible at reading people, he is excellent at shooting and blowing things up.

After failing a mission, his boss demotes him to a surveillance job along with Bobbi, who is a tech-nerd.

Both of them set up in an apartment building. Bugs the home of the sister-in-law and niece of the bad guy who has evil plans regarding nuclear plants or something.

It is a set up to get JJ to cross paths with the precocious Sophie.

It is in their unlikely relationship that the films go through moments of resonance although they are quite sparse.

Sophie who is a new kid in school has lost her father and she just wants to fit in.

It is clear that the two of them need something from each other and that Sophie wants to turn JJ into a father figure or at least a special friend.

Well-worn comic bits cover anything that touches on trauma and characters who have limited screen time are quite friendly and make a memorable mark on us.


‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ is rated PG-13 for comic violence, sexual material, and language. It is available on Netflix.

The movie is about an inept Icelandic music duo having dreams of winning the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

This is the best dose of comedy that we need during this pandemic.


Lars is a singer and his childhood dream was to make it to Eurovision, which is an international singing competition. It has since 1956 brought European countries together in song.

With the 1974 win by ABBA and the 1988 win by Celine Deon being its claim to fame. It is known mostly for its heavy power ballad performances that we might have never heard of.

In 1974, Eurovision opens with ABBA’s “Waterloo” playing on TV and that inspires young Lars to dream of pop stardom.

Fast forward to the present day, we can see that Lars was now sporting a stylish hairdo and rehearsing with Sigrit, who is his singing partner who has always loved him.

Their romance is the main part of the story. The subplot involves the difficult relationship between Lars and his father, who is quite withholding emotionally.

Most of the jokes come from the act of Lars and Sigrit, and their journey to the Eurovision contest.

After an accident that kills many contenders, Lars and Sigrit find themselves competing in the semi-finals.

There are many cameo appearances by famous stars like Demi Lovato and others, as ghosts of the people who died in the accident.

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