The latest movie ‘Irresistible’ is the second movie that was written and directed by Jon Stewart. This movie is a bit different from the first movie that he had made.

The first movie was a more serious movie, but this one is more of a satirical-political movie.


This movie shows what happens when two ruling political parties of America come to Deerlaken, Wisconsin to win the small-town election for mayor.

Steve Carell as Gary Zimmer:

Steve Carell plays the role of Gary Zimmer, a campaign consultant. He had a bad reputation for being the leader of the campaign for the election in which Hilary Clinton had lost.

Like all the Democrats, he is shocked by the victory of Donald Trump and realized that in order to regain power, he needs to have a new kind of electoral star.

Trump card:

He sees a viral YouTube video of Col. Jack Hastings. He is a Marine veteran and a farmer.

Gary things that he is an apt candidate for his program when he finds out that Jack Hastings, at a council meeting accuses the mayor of Deerlaken of doing harm to the immigrants.

Gary thinks that Jack is a conservative who has the soul of a liberal. So he convinces Jack to stand for the mayor’s election.

He decides to direct quite a bit of the party resources into this election, while he hopes to turn the attention of the nation on to the new Democratic winner.

The Republicans also send a candidate of their own to the Mayor’s election.

Millions of Dollars are spent on the whole election by both parties and all of it seems to be such a waste.

The film is amusing most of the time.

Even though it is not the kind of movie that makes us laugh out loud, the antiques and the charm of Steve Carell is what makes it quite so amusing and entertaining.

Since the movie is dealing with such a subject, it does not fare to expect such big entertainment in terms of comedy from it but we surely expected to see funnier moments since the movie came from John Stewart.

Keeping everything apart, Irresistible’ is still a perfectly enjoyable movie if one doesn’t try to watch it too closely.

This is more of an ok political story that seems to be more enjoyable for Carell’s most devoted fans than the other viewers.

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