“The Viral Fever”, popularly known as TVF is known for its creative short videos. There are many videos of TVF that get viral on the internet.

Now, TVF is known as one of the best Hindi entertainment channels on youtube.

Now it has a total of 7.19 million subscribers and all thanks if for TVF Media Labs which started it in 2010.

It is currently owned and operated by Contagious Online Media Network Private Limited.

The founder of TVF says that the reason to make the TVF channel was to provide entertainment to young kids who mostly not watch TV.

There was no big expectation from it, it was just for entertainment but the way it had grown and the way actors had put their efforts, it is great.

It was the early arrival of TVF in Digital India, and the motive was to put the content of, Movies, Indian politics, Social media, and entertainment videos.

In the span of the past few months, there are a lot of underrated movies and shows on Netflix and such platforms.

Quite a few of these shows and movies are the ones created by The Viral Fever. Hence it is quite evident that this production house has no shortage of quality content.

After the initial viral series that they had, they started giving out content that was not only streaming across YouTube but across other platforms as well.

Here, we are going to take a look at

7 best shows that ‘The Viral Fever’ has to offer to us.

1)Humorously Your’s

This one is the most underrated shows out there.

Humorously yours revolves around the career of Vipul Goyal, A man in its 30’s and in the try to be recognized as stand-up-comedian.

I would recommend that if you are a guy who loves stand up comedy then you must watch this show.

This show shows the actual things which needed to put the character for cracking jokes.

It shows a glimpse of the life of a comedian that stands up for his life and take the step towards his dream.


Neel and Samira’s story is ready for you in cheesecake. The story of life takes a turn when an unexpected guest; a golden retriever comes into their family.

This beautiful series shows us how the unconditional love of a pet can fix even the most broken relationships.

This is one among the TV shows out there that can surely melt even the coldest of hearts.


This is a simple series that is perfect for a weekend binge-watch with your friends and some snacks.

It is surely going to be your favorite once you watch it through. ‘Inmates’ tells us the story of three roommates, each going through their individual lives.

Chaos breaks free when the cousin of a roommate moves in with them.

All of us are surely going to connect and identify with the characters in this show and I’m pretty sure that we are all gonna finish it in one go!

4)Yeh Meri Family

This show is going to take us back to the ‘90s and its summer vacations which were filled with fighting between siblings, card games, high school crushes and so much more.

The series focuses on the middle-child of the family who goes through a lot of conflicts and later realizes the value of relationships.

This show is guaranteed to touch our hearts.

5) Tech Conversations with My Dad

This is one of those shows that reach out to the younger audiences in the most digital-friendly way possible.

This is an original and interactive show that explains new technologies to the older generations, which has proved to be quite a task.

These are well demonstrated and featured in the show.

6) Hostel Daze

‘Hostel Daze’ is a web series about the lives of 3 engineering students, who live in an engineering hostel and how they deal with their college life.

This topic might be one that has been discussed by a lot of series and movies out there, but ‘Hostel Daze’ is unique and funny in its own way.

7) Kota Factory

‘Kota Factory’ is the first black and white web-series in India. So, It revolves around Vaibhav, who is a young IIT aspirant and his life in the famous Kota.

We can also see a teacher who has a significant impact on the students.

This show explores the difficulties faced by students. Additionally, it takes us through their life when they make and break relationships and form bonds that will last forever.

All these popular shows are ones that the viewers can relate to at a deep level. Maybe that is what makes it all quite interesting and binge-worthy.

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