5 Binge Worthy Movies Based on LGBTQ

The past few years have been excellent for LGBTQ movies. Not only are people more accepting and accommodating than they were, but movies that portray LGBTQ characters are also now getting more recognition than ever.

LGBTQ movies are now getting nominated and winning Oscars and several other awards.

They are now some of the best-reviewed movies out there, that are not only favored by critiques but also the other viewers as well.

Here, we are going to list out 5 among the best LGBTQ movies out there:


This is a 2019 movie that tells us the story of Pablo.

Pablo is a 40-year-old married man and is the father of two children.

Being a practicing evangelical Christian and a role model, his traditional and perfect life starts to crack as he falls in love with a man.

He finds his feelings and beliefs conflicting with each other and his life starts to become hell because of that.

His church and family decide to do whatever they can so that he would be ‘cured’, which forces Pablo to suppress his desires through therapy.

This movie is written and directed by Jayro Bustamante.


This is one of those movies out there that must simply be never missed out on. ‘Margarita With a Straw’ which is a 2015 movie tells the story of Laila, who is a young girl; a secret rebel, a romantic who is in a wheelchair.

Despite having Cerebral Palsy, she sets out on a journey of sexual discovery.

She has quite many adventures that cause a rift in herself and with the people, she is most close to. At last, it is in these bonds that she finds the strength to truly be herself.

This movie is written and directed by Shonali Bose and Nilesh Maniyar.


‘Girl’ is a 2018 empathetic movie that talks tolerance, but without getting preachy.

The movie tells the story of 15-year-old Lara who dreams of becoming a ballerina and wants to attend the classical training for it.

Her dream seems to be very near her when she gets attempted into a ballet school. But one thing that stands in her way was that she was born into the body of a boy and she was ready to push it to any limits so that she could achieve her dreams.

The movie is directed by Lukas Dhont and written by himself, along with Angelo Tijssens.


This is another amazing movie brought to us by David Lynch. This 2001 movie tells us the story of a woman left with amnesia after a car accident and a young aspiring actress finds her staying at her aunt’s home.

As the puzzle begins to unfold, we are taken on a ride of sensual experiences, dreams, and nightmares.


Moonlight is a 2016 movie that uses the story of a man to offer a remarkable look at life that is rarely seen in cinema.

This is a heartbreaking and tender story of a man who struggles to find himself.

The story is told across three defining chapters as he goes through the ecstasy, pain, and the beauty of falling in love; all while struggling with his own sexuality.

The movie is written and directed by Barry Jenkins (III).

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