PubFlim is Back; See List of Latest Upcoming Movie

Pubfilm is back with its new collection of movies and some latest movies are going to be uploaded on this platform. It was banned and now it is back with other domains. It a free online streaming platform

Glimpse on Pubfilm:

Pubfilm is known for its huge collection of movies that is freely available on the internet. Earlier it was banned by UK court for streaming movies without legal copyright but now it had changed its domain and again ready to bring you in the world of entertainment.

As you talk about streaming Giant like Netflix or Amazon prime then you notice that these platforms suck money from the viewers.

There are huge charges of these platforms and talking about the rate of them then for Netflix

Basic: 8.99$

Standard: 12.99$

Premium: 15.99$

And for amazon prime, you go then the price is lost like it.

So what about a free platform that provides you the latest movie that still not uploaded on Paid streaming services.

Yes, It’s true!

I am going to List down those movies which are going to be uploaded on Pubfilm;

The List of the latest upcoming movie on Pubfilm are:

1) Wonder Woman 1984:

Yes DC movie Wonder woman 1984 is going to be uploaded. This movie is going to be released soon and Pubfilm is there to bring it free for you.

2) The King’s Man:

King’s man will be ready on your screen from 16th September 2020 and the platform would be Pubfilm.

And not think of money, it would be free as other available on the Pubfilm platform.

Here you can see the war that will raise by criminal masterminds and a hero would be there to fight them back.

3) Morbius:

Morbius is one of the best movies which are coming on Pubfilm and the released date would be  30th July 2020, which means just one month from now.

4) A Silent Place II:

The movie is going to take you to the world of terror and would be on your screen from 3rd September 2020.

5) Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife:

Ghostbuster is in its 3rd series and going to launch on 2nd July 2020.

The movie is about two brothers who are in search of the grandfather’s legacy. this movie is going to be adventures and mysterious so, put your eyes on Pubfilm for watching them for free.

So, these were the upcoming list of movies that would be available on PubFilm.

The new domains of Punfilm are:

  • pubfilm.ru

  • pubfilms.tv

  • pubfilmonline.net

  • pubfilmfree.com

  • Pubfilm.xyz

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