Amazon To Hold Virtual Festival ‘Pride Inside’ For LGBTQIA+

Every year, June is celebrated as the pride month. Pride inside is a month which is celebrated in honor of the LGBTQIA+ community. This celebration is to mark the anniversary of the community getting equal rights.

Every year, all around the world, people have different festivals to celebrate Pride month. These include singing and dancing, drag festivals, pride walks, etc.

However, this year’s celebration for Pride month is nearly impossible now. This is because of Covid-19 where none of us are allowed to stand in crowded places. Thus, having festivals and celebrations is no longer a possibility.

Amazon Prime Video at this time has tried to give something to its subscribers. For the first time, Amazon is organizing a festival on a virtual platform.

What would be In Pride inside?

The entire festival will have a 360 degrees view and you as the audience can use it to get different views of the festival.

This virtual festival will feel like it is real! It is going to be a kind of event that nobody has ever seen before.

Additionally, the festival is going to have people in it, who are idols among the LGBTQIA+ community.

16 drag queens are going to be present in the main stage. These drag queens are from RuPaul’s famous Drag Race. Thus, the extremely well known and appreciated in their field.

Manila Luzon, Monique Heart, Trinity the Tuck, and Lady Bunny are also going to star in a segment called “tea with the queens”. It is going to be an entertaining segment will all the celebrity gossip and discussions about the current world scenario.

There will also be a beauty salon present. You as the viewers could check in to learn about makeup tricks and a lot more.

Podcasts will also be there. These podcasts will be both educational and entertaining to watch.

You can also create your own virtual flag or design a t-shirt for yourself or design a pride float.

Other than the above-mentioned things, there will also be a lot of other programs.

If you as the audience were worried that this year, you will miss your favorite Pride festival, you don’t have to worry any longer. Amazon Prime brings to you, your own virtual festival.

Don’t miss it!

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