Today seems to be an ‘eggcellent’ day! It has just confirmed that the Aardman classic Chicken run is getting a sequel on Netflix. The production will be starting in 2021.

Chicken Run came to theatres on June 23, 2000, and the fans have just now received a wonderful anniversary gift.

Fans across the globe have been waiting for a sequel since forever. It is finally be happening next year when Aardman Animations start production.

The sequel will premiere on Netflix everywhere except in China.

In 2018, reports surfaced that a sequel was being thought of but it is now that the fans are getting much more valid news regarding it. 

The creators claim that they now have a perfect story and the relationship they have with Netflix is also kind of perfect. They are quite a filmmaker friendly and celebrate the filmmaker.

About Chicken Run

Chicken Run followed a group of chickens who were lead by the rooster Rocky to escape the farm that they lived in after knowing that they will turn into chicken pies. 

Chicken Run was Aardman’s first feature-length film and it became the highest-grossing stop motion film with over $224 million.

It was directed by Aardman’s Peter Lord and Nick Park.

About the sequel

The sequel revolves around Rocky and Ginger who are now parents to their daughter Molly and is now living in what can be called a chicken paradise, without any humans.

As Molly grows up, she starts to outgrow the island that they are living in. Soon enough, rumors start to surface about the mainland that the whole chicken-kind was facing a terrible and new threat.

Even though it would be a risk to their newfound freedom, Ginger and her team decides that they were going to help out all the chickens in need. 

The sequel created under the direction of Sam Fell and as of now, we have received no confirmation regarding who will be returning from the original voice-cast. 

The director has said that it would be fun and games seeing the chickens back in action and we sure don’t have any doubts about that.

Although the release date has not been confirmed yet, fans of the original Chicken Run are quite curious to see what their favorite Rocky and Ginger are up to now.

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