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Do Movies Still Need Multiplex?

When was the last you went to a multiplex to watch your favorite movie? The chances are, you went for a movie in a multiplex before most of the countries went into a lockdown due to Covid-19.

All over the world, the same thing has happened to most of the people fond of watching movies, due to restricions from stepping outside their house and going to the multiplex.

Since most of us will have to stay-at-home even in the coming months, we need good movies and tv-series to keep us entertained and to remain hopeful.

Thus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. are quickly replacing good-old multiplexes.

But the question is, can the online streaming giants really act as multiplexes in the near future?

To begin with, Netflix and Amazon Prime are a lot cheaper when compared to watching a movie in the multiplex.

One have to pay at least $10 to watch a single movie in a multiplex. However Netflix and Prime give you a choice to watch hundreds of movies and series at a monthly rate of approximately $15.99 or more.

Thus, one of the reasons for choosing online streaming methods instead of multiplexes is to ensure that we spend less on movies and entertainment.

Services by Multiplexes

But there is something that Netflix or Amazon Prime or any other streaming service will never be able to provide. That is, these streaming giants will never be able to give us the experience of watching a movie in the multiplex.

Multiplexes have loud and clear sound systems and big screens.

Sorry to say, dear, but, no matter how big your television is, it will not come close to the screens present in the multiplexes.

Also, watching a movie in a multiplex has a different experience.

The sound system makes you feel as if you are part of the movie. All the sounds of the movie are pitch-perfect.

Again, you as the audience will never get such an experience of loud and clear sound in your home.


However, while considering whether movies still need multiplexes or not, the current pandemic (Covid-19) also has to be taken into account.

In most countries, people will not allowed to sit close to each other.

Thus, it will be very difficult for multiplexes to function because there will be a lot of people present to watch movies.

In the near future, online streaming services and our television may be the only options left to us, to watch our favorite movies and series.

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