People Can’t Stop Watching Netflix’s ‘Floor Is Lava’

I’m pretty sure that everyone out there must have played the game ‘Floor is Lava’ at least once in their lifetime. 

This game was a favorite among all the games that we used to play in our childhood.

Everyone had lots of fun pretending that the floor was made of lava and jumping onto whatever they could find to ‘save’ their lives. 

‘Floor is Lava’ is the latest reality show that is airing on Netflix. This show that aired on June 5 having one season and ten episodes in it takes us back to our childhood. 

In this show, the floor is basically covered in a red liquid that looks very much like lava and there are various props floating around.

The props are like anything from normal household objects to even spaceships and such things.

The contestants are divided into groups and they are supposed to move around the room; with the support of the props and not by touching the floor. 

The whole thing is very entertaining to watch; contestants trying to jump from one thing to another and trying not to fall into the ‘lava’. 

How did “Floor is lava” come up with the idea for the show?

As you might have guessed the idea for the show was conceived out of the ‘Floor is Lava’ game that the creators used to play in their childhood. 

It being stayed by them that they used to jump from one furniture to the next, pretending that the floor was lava. They loved the game and had an amazing time playing it. 

They also mentioned that the game was something that every child used to play and each child added a personal touch to the game.

What they realized was that if they were able to adapt the whole thing into a Netflix show. It would be the most entertaining thing out there. Hence they planned to create the show for adults by including large obstacles in the game. So that an adult could navigate through it all.

What happens if you pass all the obstacles?

The winner is the person who successfully passes all the obstacles and safely crosses the ‘lava floor’ without falling into it. He is awarded prize money of almost 10,000 USD. 

In its best part of the game is not the prize money, but it is the chance you get at reliving your childhood.

Every child must have had immense fun playing the game along with his friends and must have surely missed it when they grew up. 

Netflix’s ‘Floor is Lava’ gives them a second chance at their childhood by creating a reality show that was completely inspired by their favorite childhood game. 

Watching adults have a wonderful time getting to be children again is in my opinion, the best moment of the whole show. 

I’m pretty sure all the contestants and viewers out there are quite grateful to Netflix for bringing back a lot of childhood memories. Maybe that is why none of us can actually stop watching the show!

By Albert

Albert is a 24-year-old former secretary at a law firm who enjoys badminton, social card games and drinking. He is inspiring and bright, but can also be very lazy and a bit moody.

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