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Let me Take You in Aarya’s World: Series “Aarya” Review

Tired of the lockdown getting on your nerves?  Worrying about adventure in life Lossing off? Well A New Series starring Sushmita Sen is on floor to bring back the thrill, Aarya!

Worry no more! Here is a show that will enthrall your senses and give you goosebumps as you start worrying about the next turn of the show and the titular character is going to take.

Sushmita Sen makes her comeback with a power-packed performance in a role that could probably be called one of her finest. Sen blends herself into Aarya’s character perfectly. All we see is a doting wife and a caring mother.

 All though, her character goes through a 360-degree arc, once her husband is shot.

The show sets off in a subtle tone and we can enjoy the normal, happy family living a quiet life, Nothing is out of the ordinary.  Until “the unfortunate happens”.

Aarya’s husband was found dead.

Each and every member of the family was in shock and was trying to deal with things in their own way.

The Deep shock was for Aarya as she was alone now to take care of the family.

The children were taking their father’s death really hard. 

While one scribbles poetry on her wall, another takes a drunk to their family swimming pool. 

Their youngest child just goes scarily quiet.

This gives way to the revelation of a world plagued by dirty politics and drug dealing.

Based on the Dutch series “ Penoza”, Aarya is perfect for the Indian audiences.

Now I want to ask you a question,

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma to choose between your family and the rest of the world?

This question is the central premise of the movie. However, Aarya’s character is much more than her fancy clothes, lifestyle, and snide remarks.

As the series progresses, we see a matriarch emerge as various things from the character’s past life come into the light.

The series is equally dependent on it’s dynamic supporting characters and the actors behind it.

A yesteryear actor, Chandrachud Singh glorifies this series in the character of Tej Sareen.

Tej is a rather reluctant son-in-law of a paralyzed Zorawar Rathore, who used to be the patriarch of the drug-dealing world.

Tej soon enough finds himself in the mix.

Throughout the entire series, Aarya is forced to make tough decisions. Most of the time the decisions are to save her family and avoid greater evil from befalling her family.

Even though Aarya’s world revolves around drug dealing mafias, she is a very relatable woman as she makes her way through the difficult world of crime.

We being an audience, empathize with her, and cry her tears as well. 

About Aarya:

Cast: Sushmita Sen, Chandrachur Singh, Maya Sarao, Sikander Kher, Flora Saini, Jayant Kripalini

Director: Ram Madhvani

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10

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