Whether you are a fan of animated series or not, you must be familiar with Avatar: The Last Air Bender. The series first aired on Nickelodeon and is now available on Netflix.

It is one among the best-animated series and has possibly the best storyline ever which spans across three seasons and 61 episodes in total.

Created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino along with Aaron Ehasz as head writer. This American animated series tells us the story of Aang, who is an Avatar; the master of all four elements, on a mission to save the other tribes;  the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, and the Air Nomads, from the Fire Nation who wants to rule the world. 

Ever since the show has been on Netflix, it has always topped the chart and has almost always been on the top ten list.

Ever wondered what the reason for the popularity is? Well, I think it’s because the show is simply fantastic. 

Even though it might be off to a slow start, it soon picks up the pace and engrosses us with all those engaging sequences.

I think the writing is simply spectacular and the animation surely does it justice.

One of the reasons why I think shows fall out of the top ten list quickly is because of its length. If a series is short, viewers will almost always finish it off quickly and move on to find the next best thing.

That is where AVATAR has an advantage.

 Even though the show spans across just three seasons, it has 61 episodes in total and that surely will take some time to get done with and that has aided quite nicely in it being able to stay in the top list. 

Since it’s a show that is appealing to people in all age groups, there is no wonder in people watching and re-watching it again. For people who enjoyed it when it was aired now is the perfect time to introduce the show to their kids.

Netflix has surely recognized the potential of this wonderful series and has already given the live-action adaptation of this show thought and is sure going to give us an amazing time to kick it back and relive our childhood, which is why Avatar:

The Last Airbender is not going to leave the top ten list anytime soon.

By Albert

Albert is a 24-year-old former secretary at a law firm who enjoys badminton, social card games and drinking. He is inspiring and bright, but can also be very lazy and a bit moody.

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