Netflix Top 10: ’13 Reasons Why’ Closes In On ‘Space Force’

With the advent of this new feature being introduced by Netflix, which itself lists down all the top 10 series and updates it daily, the user finds it more alluring and authentic as the information is coming directly from the horse’s mouth. 

The kind of contents watched, the trending list, not only provides a common gossip topic to the youths but are also motivating the makers of the content for their futuristic projects. The positive signs for Netflix Originals gauged from the fact that three of its original contents ‘Space Force, 13 Reasons Why, and Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy rich’, have continued to dominate this month.

Space Force has continued to maintain its position in the top 10 ever since its release in addition to that ‘13 Reasons Why’ has also been keeping up its first position with the release of its fourth season on June 5.

Here we will list down all the top 10 shows for the June and will give you a glimpse of them:

  • Space Force 

Space Force, It is the tale of a 3 Star Airforce officer, Steve Carell, being promoted to 4 Star and assigning him the role to command the newly born Space Force. 

The nurturing of the Space force, the work-life balance of military officer, his high spirit to conquer the unknown has been amalgamated in a very artistic way with the addition of humor now and then totally mesmerizes the viewer to its last minute.

  • 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why, In this final season, Liberty High School’s Senior Class prepares for graduation. Before they depart, they would have to live with some deep secrets and also have to make some heartbreaking choices that would alter their lives forever.

  • Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

Jeffrey Epstein, The Story of a Filthy Rich man, so hard to believe such a cold-blooded killer, having a sinister personality yet manages to own a mansion.

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender, an animated story of a boy who awakes after 100 years of sleep with many special powers. Finds the world engaged in war and strives for peace.

  • Fuller House

Fuller House, this show premises a gender-flipped reworking of Full house, a show which hit in The 1990s. Here three women come together to raise the three sons of the widowed among them.

  • Queer Eye

Queer Eye, with its fourth season, an all-new “Fab Five” advise men on fashion, grooming, and presenting heartfelt reveals. This new season brings the Fab Five as crusaders who are well known both to viewers and subjects.

  • Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias, it’s about three best friends, based on the series by Sherryl Woods living in a town Sweet Magnolias where everyone knows each other. A self-contained town is showcasing its serenity and mundane struggles and about these friends.

  • Alexa & Katie

Alexa & Katie, it’s about two teen best friends Alexa and Katie, one of whom has cancer. It showcases the bond of loyal friendships against all the hardships of life.

  • F is for Family

F is for Family, and It is an animated show, mingled with humor and sadness having a specialty of erupting from the same spot.

  • Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Pokémon Journeys: The Series, a famous series of Pokémon, monsters, and hero’s war showcased in a truly fascinated way.

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