Netflix The Woods Review : Murder Mystery Unveilded

‘The Woods’ is a Polish series that is Netflix’s adaptation of The Woods, by Harlan Coben. It is directed by Leszek Dawid and Bartosz Konopka.

The mini-series have six episodes, each almost an hour long. The series has events that are happening in 1994 and 2019.

1994 introduces us to young Pawel. It is this year that Pawel’s sister Kamila goes missing in the woods at summer camp. Pawel is deeply affected by his sister’s disappearance even after 25 years.

While the two who died that night were identified as Monika and Daniel, nothing was known about Kamila and her friend Artur.

In 2019, the police questions Pawel about a body that they had just discovered. This made Pawel want to really know what had happened to his sister that night.

As the story continues, we find out that everything began when the camp leader, Wojtek decided to interfere in the romantic lives of the people in the camp.

The Woods Plot

He led Kamila and Artur to a cabin to show them their lovers; Monika and Daniel hooking up.

This made them very angry and they decided to get revenge with the help of Wojtek. One night, all of them went to the lake and they decided to take their clothes off and go swimming.

When Monika and Daniel jumped in the water, the others took their clothes and asked them to come back to camp without them.

Monika insulted Kamila and that was when everything went completely wrong. Kamila attacked Monica and Wojtek slit her throat.

The others got scared and ran into the woods. Daniel was accidentally killed by Artur, thinking that he was Wojtek.

Artur and Kamila returned to camp and they told their mothers about what had happened. The mothers decided to send them into hiding.

Kamila’s mother did not tell Pawel or her husband about what had happened and did not tell them where they were going.

She had the intention to return for Pawel but she was murdered by her husband. Pawel did not know this and thought that his mother had abandoned him.

The Woods Plot Continues

As the story continues, we find that the body that was found at the beginning was that of Arthur, who was killed by Dawid, lover of Wojtek.

There was CCTV footage of Artur’s body being dragged from the car.

It was found that the car belonged to Dawid and his gun was also linked to the crime.

The ending shows that Kamila’s mother took her to a faraway convent and she had been living there as a nun.

The series comes to an end when Pawel goes to this convent and sees a woman who he thinks is his sister.

As he approaches her, she turns her head and the series ends before more things are explained.

The Woods Review

Across the series, we can find points that we might have different opinions on; like the case of Pawel dealing with a rape case in 2019 and the character of Kamila not being given attention or importance to.

The only importance we feel for Kamila is through the feelings her brother has for her.

This series might not actually be a series that stays in our memory but it has to be noted that the production quality and the cinematography are excellent and worthy of appreciation.

Even though the makers of the series have not confirmed another season yet, from the way it has ended one can assume that there would be a season two.

Since the viewers are not given any confirmation regarding the nun at the ending; whether she is actually Kamila or not, we expect the next season to explain everything.

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