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Lucifer Season 5: Part 1 Release Date Leaked On Netflix

Lucifer is a television series that was initially launched on FOX Network but was taken over by Netflix when FOX decided on canceling the show.

It revolves around the ever-charming Lucifer Morningstar who is played by the “alluring Tom Ellis”.

As he decides that he was done ruling hell and moved to Los Angeles, the Sin City. Old Lucy gets tied up with L.A.P.D after witnessing the murder of an acquaintance and decides to stick on with Detective Chloe Decker who is played by “Lauren German”.

Season one to season three of the show launched on FOX Network. As three seasons were on screen, FOX decided to cancel the fan-favorite show.

There was a massive outcry when this was announced, as fans were not ready to lose their favorite characters.

The show had ended on a high note; showing us our devil’s real identity and hence it left the fans enraged.

Netflix step for Lucifer

Netflix came to the rescue when they announced that they would be taking over the show as they felt that the story had great potential.

It had captured the interest of audiences across the world and they wanted to make sure that the show continued to run for those fans.

Season four of Lucifer was launched on Netflix in 2019. With the season-ending with what the fans like to call a ‘Deckerstar’ moment.

After that Lucifer returns to rule hell, everyone has been curious to know what was going to happen next.

Ever since Netflix announced that there would be season five, the fans from the whole world are in craze.

There are various speculations regarding the release date popping up here and there.

We have been waiting for the release date for over a year now and it appears that Netlflix has accidentally leaked it today.

The news spread like wildfire after some fans noticed a change in the show’s page on Netflix, where the tagline read “Season 5 Part 1 Coming August 21!”.

Even though Netflix was quick to remove the tagline, fans are awfully excited about finally getting a release date.

Although Netflix usually announces release dates with a teaser, this isn’t the first time that they have let a release date slip.

So let’s stay tuned to what Netflix has to say about this and meanwhile, maybe even start a binge session of our favorite Devil.

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