13 Reasons Why: The Ending Explained

Read at your risk, Spoilers ahead for Fans of Netflix 13 Reasons Why! 

This is not a regular high school drama dear! Centered around important topics that plague high school lives of millennials and Gen Y today, the suicide of Hannah Baker sets a chain of events in the lives of multiple high schoolers.

The 4th and final season in a lot of ways tries to bring us closure on the events that the previous seasons documented.

Our favorite characters are still reeling from the traumatic events of the past. Justin comes back from rehab but still, is grappling with his addiction problem and tries to stop himself from going back to using.

Jessica still has past trauma from Bryce’s assault on her and his death and it is especially difficult for her to forget given that everyone around her, stops her from forgetting.

Zach is dealing in his own way. Tyler on the other hand makes a breakthrough on various counts. He is trying to understand his sexuality while dealing with his depression. 

13 reasons why season 4

13 Reasons Why

His character goes through major development this season and in many ways sets the stage for the finale.

Tony, on the other hand, gears up for professional wrestling for accumulating money to bring his family back.

For the past few seasons, Clay was on the edge. In the last season, he goes off the edge. He loses his sense of self as his world comes crashing down.

The final nail on the coffin is probably when we are supposed to say goodbye to one of our favorite characters, Justin.

From his past drug abuse and sexual history, he is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The ending of the series marks Justin on his deathbed, with his friends saying their final goodbyes.

The entire sports team is there to show solidarity for a change.

As the friends bid farewell to each other and Justin, the graduation rolls in. The group is to finally go their separate ways.

When they burying Hannah’s tapes in the end scene, in many ways we understand, they will always walk with the trauma they have faced together.

Their trauma is shared and yet individual in so many ways. The ending is fitting as they move on with their lives with all the baggage that accompanied their high school life.

Director: Tom McCarthy

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10

Cast’s name is taken from Wikipedia.

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