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Top 3 Scariest Movie On Netflix

Top 3 Scariest Movie On Netflix

Netflix is a world-leading entertainment platform with having 183 million paid users and that’s not surprising about it. It has a vast collection of Scariest movies and series which are available all over the world for movie lovers.

As per the recent data, it has 13300 titles available and every day the numbers are increasing, Extracting from the same data I am going to list down the scariest movie ever which is available on Netflix to stream.

These movies are highly rated and the stories are so cold to watch, If you are enough brave to watch these movies then you are great until I will suggest you to have your partner with you when you are watching these,

So, let’s start with the list


  • The Ring: Most Scariest Movie


This movie is in the top list of horror movie lovers because of the story of a killing tape. Here the tape kills his viewers in just 7 days.

Although it is a remake of the Japanese 1998 movie Ring which is based on a novel by Kozi Suzuki.

This movie is the scariest one in this list and it is going to freeze your breath, and the voice of that girl will going to make your body shake.

Release date: 7 Feb 2003

Director: Gore Verbinski

Cast: Naomi watts, Daveigh chase, David Dorfman, Martin Handerson

IMDb ratings:7.1/10

Liked By google users: 85%


  • The Perfection


This movie is a phycological thriller-horror film of 2019 about a troubled musical prodigy. Its also known as the scariest movie of recent times on Netflix as of its story.

The visuals are amazing in it and the scenes like shaking of nerves inside the hand are really scarious.

The music which is used in it will make you to to feel the horror in your body.

I recommend you use headphones while watching this movie.

Release date: 24 May 2019

Director:  Richard Shepard

Cast: Alison Williams, Logan browning, steven weber, Alaina Huffman

IMDb ratings:6.1/10

Liked By Google users: 78%


  • Train to Bushan

It is a type of Zombie movie where sceneries are crazy. Here a bite of zombie changes the humans into a zombie and the way this movie is made is amazing. You can literally not able to judge the characters by there acting. Zombies and their movements are totally realistic. 

I would recommend you watch this if you want to watch scary movies but not having horror in it.

Release date: 13 May 2016

Director:  Yeon sang-ho

Cast: Gong Yoo, Yeon sang-ho, Ma dong-Seok, Jung Yu-me

IMDb ratings:7.5/10

Liked By Google users:96%


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