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Tiktok Trends, Dressing Up In The Character Of Famous Shows And Movies

Tv shows and movies were started for the purpose of entertainment and Earlier in it, they were having the story of the Daily life. The famous app TikTok lets users recreate the character from their favorite movies/series.

There were the shows of kingdoms story taken from ancient books and the actors were playing the role of king and queens in it. But as technological advancement touches the glove, Film Industries start taking these things seriously, and that seriousness in the Entertainment becomes the source of Bringing creative ideas in the form of characters.

Taking about the shows and movies that anyone on the planet does not even imagine it.  It was the personal idea of someone And the entertainment industry brings that ideas in the form of character.

Movie: The Hary porter (what a creative thing ever made),

Starwars:  “Make people think like it is real”

These are some example of technological advancement which takes us in another world via Entertainment.

And lots of other things are there but for now, we are going for the trends that are now following by TikTok stars.

Netflix Trends Followed by TikTok

Tiktok has always been a platform for crazy challenges and viral things. Trends are always over there which makes people do crazy things.

With the same lots of people get their identity by showing their talent on it. But talking about nowadays on TikTok, there is another trend which is being followed by Tiktok stars. They are doing a makeover of themself in the form of top movies and show characters.

They are dressing up in the characters of Harry porter, Stranger things, Stars wars, and in many top shows and movies character.

Actually say then these trends look to be amazing. As viewers can watch there favorite TikTok stars in the getup of their favorite character from the top listed movie.

This trend is globally following up by top TikTok stars so it is getting viral. Personally, if I say then the dressing up in the character of harry potter. Also, Netflix series stranger things looking to be amazing.

TikTok stars in the costume of Harry from harry porter and Mikee wheeler from strangers things look were Eye-catching looks for me.

When I first go with those trendy videos then I was like An hour over there. I was just scrolling and scrolling down.

Some dress up was actually looking to be realistic as My favorite character was over there.

Viewing @carol.cos in the character from “Stranger things” was totally realistic and the dressed-up being in the character of criminal minds was outstanding.

Viewing @__daineeboii in the character of the most popular show “Game Of Thrones” was amazing and unpredictable for me. I would suggest you go through these videos and you would love these trends. 

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