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Side Effects Of Watching Netflix And Tv By Researchers In 3D Model

Side Effects Of Watching Netflix And Tv By Researchers In 3D Model
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We all know that there is a side-effect of watching Tv or Netflix. And we also know that we never have taken care of these things in our life. However, what if I tell the truth that you do but you don’t know.

Before going to that I want to tell you the 3d creation of OnlineGambling that shows the human posture after watching TV and Netflix for long hours.

Not having a proper diet and not doing exercise make the human’s body to lose its strength, It makes the posture look odd. And Premature aging is also one of its side effects.

The inactiveness in the body causes the risk of Bowel cancer, Rounded shoulder, and poor-posture.

Talking about corona-virus lockdown then it had affected deeply our lifestyle. People are now more using cell phones. They preferring video calls for chat which are gradually taking the brightness of the eyes.

According to the business today there is a total 80% increment in the use of social media these days which means more laziness in the body.

Work from home is really a good idea but the way it had affected the body is really bad. People are less active nowadays. And they are spending more time on electronic gadgets.

As per the survey in Germany, Uk and US found that 44% of people are using Streaming services than video calls, video games, and other things.

Side Effects Of Watching Netflix in 3D

The time with electronic gadgets becomes the cause in an increment of Eye stress, Less focus on work, and many things.

The cells are getting old faster and the risk of Diseases is getting high. The age limit is decreasing gradually due to these things.

As from the studies it is also found that people nowadays are not more interested in having sex, The reason is the stress caused by gadgets and work. 

And as per the survey done in 2019, it is found that average persons are spending there 78,000 hours of time from their life on watching television. And the shocking thing is this that they spend 3000 hours in thinking about what to watch!!

Guess in this way, In a day there are a total of 24 hours and in that humans, on average sleep 8 hours and in rest hours they do their work.

In those work on an average of 3 to 4 hours are wasted in managing stuff and in moving here and there. And in the rest 12 hours, they do almost 4 to 6 hours of work. In rest time 3 to 4 hours they use the electronic gadget and streams videos.

And now these days, these streaming time is far increased which is beyond human health. The extra time of 3 to 4 hours is being added. The sleeping time has decreased because there is noo work that makes the body feel tired.

All are getting lazy and streaming services are increasing there shows day by day which binds the eyes to watch more.


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