Netflix Action In The Removal Of Blackface From W/ Bob & David Show

Netflix had taken action against an Episode of “W/ Bob & David”. Which is a Netflix original sketch series by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross? In this Episode Cross Uses Blackface.

It is an Episode 3 where the 5-minutes sketch call “Know your rights,” is performed by Cross where he plays the role of “Gilvin Daughtry”.

In that episode, He repeatedly drives through a police checkpoint where Keegan Michael’s key was in the character of police. He was in try to capture the police harassment on Film.

As for the removal of the sketch, On June 15 Cross responded by tweeting that The character that I had played is ridiculous. He further said it’s a character really foolish by just putting Blackface in a point. But the point of this was to underscore the absurdity…  Although it’s the last chance to figure out everything.

Why W/ Bob & David Show Face Backlash?

In the sketch after an unsuccessful attempt to provoke the key’s officer, Gilvin was back in Blackface asking for command.

It was the message of Equality in every race in America. In the series, Key’s officers take their colleagues with spraying pepper spray in the face of the characters.

The sketch ends with a tease and second-time spray-on Daughtry face. It was just a 5 minutes thing. On the same day (June 15) Odenkrik also tweeted that their comedy is always about human things not for making any political point. And that was for the sketch.

Netflix had not only removed the sketch of “W/ Bob & David”, on the Last week, Netflix has also has done the removal of  British comedy series “Little Britain”

Come Fly With Me and The Mighty Boosh Where frequent use of Blackface was streaming. Four Chris Lilly series was also removed by Netflix from Australia and New Zealand sites where Blackface was used by the character.

So series, where Blackface is being used, had been removed from Netflix and these all actions had been taken in recent days.

Although there was no reason to go for the removal of Blackface. They were just characters for entertainment but the violent death of George Floyd makes it a political point for the country.

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