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5 Scariest Characters Ever From Non-scary Movies

I had made the list of 5 Scariest characters from Non-scary movies which make you go back at the time of watching And make you feel the same things, right now.

Watching movies and shows is a source of entertainment and inspiration for me. I love to watch movies and shows which are frictional or something like creativity in it. 

But There was something surprising I have ever seen in top movies and shows which makes me think crazy. I was not even imagining the things that it looks to be like this.

The characters!! It was the movies with Adventure story, No horror was there that I can expect the things to be scary or Something surprising. But it was there!!

So let’s start with the list of scariest character:-

1) Dobby from Harry potter

Oh- I know what you feel like right now, The skinny servant alien-like thing, who was extremely helpless.

This was the first scary character in this list, I actually say then I was not expecting Dobby to be like this and In Harry potter, Which appears suddenly in the movie “Harry porter and Chamber secret series”.

This character was really creative and scary, It makes me feel scarier than I was in watching some horror type movies.

Harry Potter is being always in the top list of any frictional movie lovers. And having Dobby as a servant of Harry gives a more creative touch to the movie. It was an amazing and super scary character for me.

2) Gollum from Hobbit: the unexpected journey

What I say about this character “Gollum” which appears in the mid of the movie  “Hobbit: The unexpected journey”,

It was very much scary!

This movie was like Beautiful scenery, amazing adventure, Perfect character Hobbit, and other things.

But Gobby suddenly appears when Hobbit was leaving the crew, It was unexpected!

And with that the scene when Hobbit was having riddles with that gobby, It was the scariest part of the movie.

3)Edgar the Bug from Men in Black

Watching the movie of Will Smith “Men in Black”, Is a thing that I actually want to become like.

I love the power of the gun used by James Darrell Edwards III / Agent J which is played by Will smith. And It was not sudden for me that Edgar the Bug will be there.

But as that character blast, It was like vomiting. The scariest scene from Men in black. The scariest character.

4)The Bensons (ventriloquist dummies) in Toy Story 4

Toy story is always a great movie that every child remembers. It actually makes the child feel like, really there is life in toys but You know….

The Bensons which appears in the 4th series of Toy story was a scary thing in the whole movie.

5) Peter Pettigrew from the Harry Potter movies

Again taking back a look to Hary porter, That mice guy Peter Pettigrew. The Pet of Ron weasely. 

I was in the confusion that he is a friend or Hary or not.

But the look of that character was very scary and at the time when he changed to his actual look.


Thes were the five characters from the list and I hope it will make you remember the same scenery and If any of them you have not seen yet then must watch the movies.

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