Netflix Renews ‘Valeria’ For The Second Season

Spanish shows have always something surprising with it. And when it projected to the screen it blows the mind of viewers with its creativity and sensational touch. Oh yeah, right here I am talking about Netflix series “Valeria” who is created by María López Castaño.

It had touched a lot of hearts from all over the world with its fascinating story of a stuck writer who is finding something missing between her writing and her marriage. 

Since Netflix launches “Valeria” first season of 8 episodes on-screen last month, 8 May 2020.

It had made the millions of viewers wait eagerly for the second season.

And a recent post of Netflix had broken the loop of waitings for the viewers. Here comes the good news for them from Netflix that it had renewed Valeria for the second season.

When it would be on screen?

There is no scheduled time or date is provided!

But, as per the information of THR, the creation has started up slowly across Europe with some Spanish region allowing the series to be filmed, and some still not.

Shooting for Valeria is going to take place in a highly-populated place name Madrid, So it will probably be the last place to start shooting again.

About Valeria

Valeria is produced by Spanish Production  Plano a Plano based on a novel written by Elísabet Benavent about the unclear writer. Here the writer feels that something she is missing from both ‘Her writing and Her marriage’.

She is in trouble and not able to Pen down her creativity on paper, as she is working with her first novel.

Valeria is also the issue of the clarity of her marriage. She is kinda in a love triangle where she has messed up in relation to her Husband and her crush. It’s huge complicated for her.

However, The first session was ended on a cliffhanger. The second will follow Valeria as taking the decision that could make her future as a writer. To hide back of pseudonym and can live her chosen profession or to reannounce the publication of her novel and continue to take on junks contract finally.

Creator: María López Castaño
Cast: Diana Gómez, Silma López, Paula Malia, Teresa Riott
Writer: Elisabet Benavent
Season: 1
Episode: 8

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