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Anne Hathaway’s Best Movies Ever

Are you feeling like you are in love with Anne Hathaway’s and her acting skills then Dear you are not alone over here. She had made millions of hearts to beat for herself from all over the world and galaxies. Galaxies I mean the love from Interstellar.

Her beauty is glamorous and the acting, anyone can flat on her, But these are not only the things she has. She is an Oscar-winning actress and lots of awards are there in her lap.

Her limits are not bound in any particular region. She is blowing wind which has self-control with it and can move in any direction. That’s why she had worked in movies which are quite different from each other. Wether its funny like The Devil Wears Prada, or quite serious like it is of life and death “Interstellar”. In each and every field, you can feel her presence.

Right now I am going to take you to the top movies ever done by her.

All of them which I am listing here are really fascinating and inspirational. I would love to suggest you watch them all. 

Interstellar (2014)

What an amazing acting done by her in this movie. Yes I know I had discussed this in the starting lines but what I say about this movie. If you watch it then you can feel her like this NASA girl is taking you in space with her spacecraft.

Its a truly realistic space movie ever I had seen and At first, I would suggest you watch.

The Dark Knight Rises

It is the most popular movie in DC were actually the people started to fall in love with her.

The role of her in this movie as Catwomen was as soft and smooth as a cat in her role with the same amazingly powerful.

If you are a passionate lover of DC and the same Anne Hathaway then you can go with this although I think you had already seen it.

Rachel Getting Married

It was the first movie for which she was nominated for Oscar. she was deserving of having it because her acting was naturalistic and amazing in it.

She is precious and incomparable at her role in the movie and I guess it would be in the list of best of her creation.

So these three are the best movies ever and I would suggest you again, Go and watch it. If You are liking her then it is going to change in love. She is amazing and the talent too.

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