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6 Malaysian Animated Shows Available on Amazon Prime

6 Malaysian Animated Shows Available on Amazon Prime

The two things that strike in our mind when we hear Malaysia is its food and the second is about Natural beach over there. Not only this, but It had been also the top place in the list of Tourist Destination.

What about the twins’ tower over there, Lots of things are there in Malaysia to discuss. However, In this article, we are going to discuss the Six animated series from Malaysia which is now available on amazon prime.

Talking about the Malaysian animated shows then they are being made since the 90s and much back.

Although they are running although the countries and audiences of all ages are passionate about it.

Now By the agreement which was signed between Amazon prime and PrimesWorks Distribution. The six animated series which is produced by Prime work from Malaysia are now there on Amazon Prime’s vault.

They are listed as: 

Ejen Ali

Ejen Ali” is the first series listed in the deal of six Animated series from Malaysia. It is a  production of Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation.

The series of Ejen Ali is the most successful series in Malaysia with being watched on the big screen as a movie.

It also Collected the tag of Highest-grossing local animated movie from the year 2019. A RM30 millions collector in Box Office

Soccer Bugs

It is the second one in the list of agreements which being signed. And till now there is a total 2 season with 26 episodes in each available on amazon.

Cingkus Blues

Cingkus Blues is a third series of the list. In this, there are two main characters, Frist Cing Which is an Irritating blue cat with A British accent. Khus Second one is a Rastafarian Rat.


Saladin is 4th in the list of series and The inspiration of this series is taken from Salah Al-Din Yusuf Ibni Ayub.

It is also known to be a favorite series of Kids from all over the world

Season: 1

Episodes: 26

Knoowsy Nina Wants to Know  It is the fourth and the last is Super Tots.

So, At the conclusion, there would be now 6 new animated shows over amazon prime for viewers from the United States, Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.


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