When “One Piece” More Season Coming To Netflix?

It’s about the first time when Netflix is streaming “One Piece” with limited availability of it.

As for now, two sagas are down and for the rest, we are waiting for the series to be uploaded on Netflix. So, the question is when it would be available on Netflix.

Before going Direct to the questions let go with the pieces of stuff and facts of it:

It comes to be like a surprise first that “One Piece” is On the Screen Of Netflix. And finally ready for the subscribers to play.

I believe “One Piece” is a pack of electric currents which is running through the veins of the world. It had become the highest-selling manga of all time by its surprising margin.

And with the same, It is also one of a long time running stories. As for availability on the platform, it is available on four platform

->US. FUNimation,

-> Hulu,

-> Crunchyroll,


When would the Netflix US will screen up the rest series of “One piece ”?

It is really hard to guess for this question but I had collected lots of data. Had gone through the minor details to extract out the date on which it would be available to stream on Netflix US.

As for the previous series, there are a total of four seasons listed by Netflix with 130 episodes in availability.

And As of the shows of “One Piece” which is being broadcasted in Japan. It is a total of 929, Which means Till now less than 25% of it is only being available on Netflix US and for the rest 75% (800) episodes, They are on the Way to come.

The company FUNimation, Which is responsible for dubbing the series of “One Piece” in English is really far from the Japanese broadcast.

Netflix is Taking help from company FUNimation for the dubbing of Japanese show into English, So the time of availability of it is directly dependent on it.

Going through all the information on the no of episodes and the information of its dubbing work from FUNimation. I get to realize that it is going to take a long time and make you wait maybe till 2021.

The number of the season which is going to be added on Netflix?

Netflix as of now just has two sagas accessible to stream, “East Blue and Alabasta” and

The following second one is “Sky Island and Water 7”.

And as per it, if there would going to be added two more sagas into it then the list is going to be total 312 from 130. And adding the rest Of the Sagas will be likely impossible for Netflix as of “Thriller Bark and Summit war sagas”. This will grounds that the Summit War adventure and takes the scene check to 516, and a lot more.

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